ARHS C30T 3016flagWaverton Waverton

3016 climbs up to Waverton from Lavender Bay.

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©  Mar 10, 2013





Canon EOS 60D

Exposure: 1/800
Aperture: f/11.3
Focal length: 29 mm
ISO: 1000
Time: 11:33

3016 climbs up to Waverton from Lavender Bay.

Lovely shot Michael. Please try getting it in RP. Also would be nice for Facebook groups.
@John.Russell.4NZSteam, Thanks! Your a funny man John, I could try rail pictures but they'll probably just reject it as there's overhead or a shadow etc..
It's a great photo deserving of the audience there. Congrats. I note you have the owner as 3801 Limited on RP but here it's ARHS. Is NSW Transport Museum connected to ARHS?
@John.Russell.4NZSteam, 3016 does still belong to ARHS ACT but on this occasion it was hired? To 3801 Limited for the day. Now that I think of it, 3016 did a couple of trips for 3801 Limited around that time. They also used 3016 to haul a special for sick children which I captured crossing Parramatta Road.
Thanks Michael.
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