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UP 8444 and 3985 travel west through Echo Canyon near Emory.

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©  Apr 24, 1981





UP 8444 and 3985 travel west through Echo Canyon near Emory.

Perfect and very interesting photo!
Thank you! This was the first major trip after restoration of the 3985, bound for the California State Railroad Fair in Sacramento that year. Hundreds of fans followed the train across Wyoming and Utah to catch the special movement. On the interstate highway where this photo was made, the traffic is nearly bumper-to-bumper.
Wow, that's cool! What's with this locomotive now?
Thanks! It is likely that 3985 will be permanently retired if it has not already happened. Too many major problems to make further operation or restoration feasible, is what I've heard. The 844 (formerly 8444 for many years) is still considered active and is indeed called the Living Legend by UP, since the loco has never been officially retired.
Great to see the Union Pacific double headed steam locomotives in Echo Canyon along I-80. What did you use to scan your slide image-?
Thanks, yes, it was a Nikon LS8000.
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