CFR Marfă 60 1185-7flagGara Bucuresti Nord Gara Bucuresti Nord

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FinePix A820

Exposure: 10/9500
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 9.9 mm
ISO: 100
Time: 12:36

No description

Is it after refurbishment? Do we need to move it to the separate class?
storyIt is modernized by Promat Craiova in 2011 and is all in the series 60, just as has the number of UIC.
Modernization has brought many changes, like replacing the DC motors of ancillary services with AC motors phase, fitting a trip computer, electromagnetic contactors, field weakening controller for the launch of Diesel engine with variable DC voltage, air preheating diesel engine, variable speed screw compressor and more. In addition, secondary suspension spring-leaf type suspension was replaced with Half-Hourglass. For the comfort of the driver board and cabins are equipped with ergonomic chair, stick-type controller, stuck windows, with electric heating, air conditioning, refrigerator and sink. The locomotive has a length of more than 17,000 girls uncompressed buffer mm diameter wheels with new bandage 1,100 mm axle formula Co'-Co ', weight 118 tons, maximum traction force of 320 kN and maximum speed 120 km / h.
Its not modernized by Promat it is modernized by Remarul 16 Februarie Cluj-Napoca ... the electical and control system are provided by Promat ... its ok to keep it in this class she is still class 60 ..
Only unit 1404 (which is also the only one regeared to 120 km/h) has been modernised by "Remarul 16 Februarie at Cluj.

Units 701, 999 and 1185 have been modernised by Promat in collaboration with IRLU Craiova workshop.

Unit 1139 is modernised by IRLU Pascani, and in addition to all, it has headlights with LED !
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