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@ALeventiy @Maersk.146
Ok, i need some time to think how to make it, but it looks like a possible feature.
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Hi, i can make this option in your profile. You want to make ability to download your own pictures with the maximum size available?
@paul.zimmer Hi, do you know why it was renamed from 501 back to 153?
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@alvarofdezg What kind of rolling stock will work on this line?
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@jmadhavadas moved to the proper profile, thanks.
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Then you're logging with login/password our website engine going to check your current local UTC offset and may change your settings automatically. So, the problem may be if you are going to set up an abnormal just maybe for some reason, and after login it will be correct to the actual value. Please check it again, if something going wrong here.

p.s. Anyway, i agree that we need to make "automatic" selection that will be changed automatically and all other manual offsets should be permanent.
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@Maersk.146 It's a magic of Milano Centrale 😇 https://goo.gl/KGstQC
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@Sergey.Kucherov oops, now it should be ok.
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@white.dead 94249002801-9 is an UIC number, that can be decoded like:

94 = Multiple unit (EMU in UIC original designation)
24 = Lithuania
9002 = local class designation
801 = car number
1 = check digit

p.s. or it can be:

900 = local class designation
2801 = car number (it can be suitable in case of MU number 280, car 1)

More here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UIC_id..stock
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@Sergey.Kucherov Oops, thanks. Now it should be ok.
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@Maersk.146 Hi Keith! Currently i have no idea how to display such type of pictures. If you have any good looking example, please share it emojione
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Congratulations with new Siemens vehicles! 😃
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@phoenix371 Thanks, it's very interesting 🙂
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Wow, why so strange composition?