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Hi, I think you missed correct link for registering as a "member" and joined as "fan" account. I've corrected this, and you are able to upload now.

If you mean your flick account in profile settings, you need to enter username name, not the full link.

@grels Ok, got it! HXD3C has been updated.
DJ3 is with Japanese tech and is not TRAXX
and ALP-46 and ALP-46A are derivations of DB 101 and not TRAXX

SS8 speed is 170km/h (most, now all) or 150km/h (number 2001 and 2002 original)
DF11 speed is 170km/h (most) or 153km/h (plateau type)

This was corrected, thanks.

Tell me please more details of HXD3C differences - why they have different weight/gear?
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Hi, thanks for all your reports and posts here in the topic 🔥

All your corrections have been made, please check again anything we need to correct, and use "Repors" or post in this topic: https://trainspo.com/ftopic/15/
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@Damian.Szarek 🤣
@hansscherpenhuizen Profile has been corrected, thanks!
@hansscherpenhuizen Great! Thanks for this correction.
According to this link http://balkanmodels.biz/forum/viewt..=6112 it should be DI. Please confirm.
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Can you please suggest a name for this bridge to add it as a separate object? Maybe "Udupi Suvarna railway bridge" ?
@hansscherpenhuizen hi, this issue has been fixed. Please share any more technical details about this vehicle if you know. Thanks!
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Hi, thanks for report. Everything should be ok now.
@hansscherpenhuizen Now it should be ok, thank you.
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So twisted!
@hansscherpenhuizen Oops, fixed, thanks!
@tzhs As I know, HHP-8 works on Northeast Corridor between Boston and Washington, DC and this line use 3 different type of electrification.