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Combino tramway in Altstadt of Erfurt

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Exposure: 1/350
Focal length: 21.88 mm
ISO: 100
Time: 14:31
GPS: 50.9833 11.0333
760K 1920x1285

Combino tramway in Altstadt of Erfurt

This is the "Fischmarkt" in central Erfurt.
The "broached" building on the right side is the townhall.
The two houses behind the tram are the "Haus zum Breiten Herd" (left, red) and the "Gildehaus" (right, yellow-green), both destroyed by a fire in July 2008 and after reconstruction opened in January 2010 (costs: around 3.6 million Euro).
The tram is type "Siemens Combino Advanced", of which the EVAG owns 36 30meter-long (5 wagon-parts) and 24 20meter-long (3 wagon-parts) trams.
The photographed track curve at Fischmarkt is one of the three locations in the Erfordian tramway network, where it's forbidden that two trams come towards. Every time trams meet in this curve, the "out of town"-(as city center the place "Anger" is meant)-directed tram has to wait (in this case the photographed tram) and the other one has priority.
Thanks for the explanation!
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