WAMX GP35R 3855flagKansas City MO Kansas City

WAMX 3855 leads a transfer to KCS Knoche Yard down the Incline.

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©  May 25, 2014






Exposure: 10/20000
Aperture: f/10
Focal length: 68 mm
ISO: 1600
Time: 10:09

WAMX 3855 leads a transfer to KCS Knoche Yard down the Incline.

Yellow beauties !!!
Locally, these are known as the "Bananas" 🙂
@Maersk.146 Nice nickname ...
This is the Gooseneck, isn't it? Sure looks a lot different than when I was last there in 2005! Personally, I think "bumble bee" would be more apt for those units...
Yes, the upper tracks leading off to the left head for the BNSF Hannibal Bridge, through a ten-degree reverse curve, the heart of the Gooseneck. The Incline seen here has just been renovated with new retaining walls, drainage systems and track that should keep things rolling smoothly for many years (as smoothly as things CAN move through a couple of ten-degree curves!). The previous walls were crumbling, causing track to shift and subside, on a route that sees a fair number of train movements per day. During the rebuild, detours within the city were devised that had trains making quite a grand tour of the KCT and UP just to replace the facility of this short piece of trackage. Dispatchers are no doubt breathing more easily now that the route is reopened.
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