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ES9319 Bergamo - Roma

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Scanned with a Nikon COOLSCAN V ED

ES9319 Bergamo - Roma

storyThis is the first "Pendolino" tilting train built by Fiat Ferroviaria in 1985 on the experiences made with the ETR401 and his predecessor the Y0160. The ETR450 was the first Tilting train in the world in commercial service. They served on the main lines in Italy to guarantee the maximum speed on existing infrastructure. With the introduction of High-speed Lines and trains, this kind of EMUs were no longer needed and displaced as Intercity services on other lines like the Roma-Ancona, and the Roma-Reggio Calabria railway. Because of the high maintenance costs, this trains has been withdrawn from service on the 6th of January, 2015. All the trainsets are now abandoned in the Yard of Reggio Calabria station waiting for their unknown future. Some of them were preserved as Historic EMUs in the "Oldies" Collection of the Italian Railways .
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