Continental Rail 335 022 + 029flagIzarra Izarra

Containers train Barcelona-Bilbao with broken 335.029.

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©  Jul 26, 2015






Exposure: 1/640
Aperture: f/6.3
Focal length: 44 mm
ISO: 500
Time: 07:51

Containers train Barcelona-Bilbao with broken 335.029.

Very beautifull landscape!
@pomorcev.d Thank you!
@ililo23 I lived in Spain last summer in August. Near the city of Logrono in the village of El Redal. When I traveled to La Rioja, I saw a beautiful place with the railway. It is very sad that it was not possible to take pictures 😞
Love those hay balls 😀
@pomorcev.d What a pity! La Rioja has amazing places to take photos and mostly all line 700 (Castejón de Ebro-Bilbao Abando)! Near El Redal you have Alcanadre, an amazing place with a big variety of framings, strongly recommended! 😉
@Taurus717 I love them too! Are curious! 😅
@ililo23 Точно. Exactly. It Alcanadre. Thanks to Google MAPS found this place. I would like very much to come back even in Spain:)
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