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Freight 79424 passing Achladokampos bridge in direction Tripoli

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©  Sep 10, 2012






Exposure: 10/5000
Focal length: 24 mm
ISO: 400
Time: 17:24

Freight 79424 passing Achladokampos bridge in direction Tripoli

Greek Railway meter gauge freight (mixed train (?) with passenger cars) in the last days of operation. Was this a "clean-up" train as I thought the meter gauge operation(s) ended in 2011?
Great photo! How high is this bridge? Saw a reference to a photo saying highest pier is 65m.
That is correct. It's one of the three ''clean-up'' trains which are move all the remaining cars from old meter gauge Korinthos station to Tripoli and Kalamata.
Achladokampos bridge is one of the biggest meter gauge concrete bridges. The highest point is 64,8m, the total length is 279m and located to the km 90,144 of the Korinthos-Tripoli-Kalamata section.
Thanks Artemis. Is the line no longer in use or converted to standard gauge?
Greek Railways closed down most of their metre gauge operation in 2011. Most of the network remains in place rusting away. New European style electric two track passenger only line under construction from Athens to Patra in western Peloponnese.
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