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31201 Entroncamento - Contumil, Empty Presidential Train

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Exposure: 10/6400
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 58 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 16:26

31201 Entroncamento - Contumil, Empty Presidential Train

Nelso, can you help me - why some of the 1400's have builder's plates (EE+Sorefame) but only few of them?
The first 10 1400's where fully build and delivered "ready to run" directly from EE plant in UK. the other 57 locomotives where assembled in manufactured in Sorefame (Portugal) using main components (engines, motors, electrical and mechanical parts) from EE but frame and steel works where made by Sorefame using EE original plans and license. Maybe that's the reason for the builder's plates mastery?
@nelso Thanks a lot for the explanation! I also have a table with serials but can't find any details about build dates of every loco from 1400 series. Is it possible to find this information anywhere? 😦
Getting that info is a little bit more harder to get, since the SOREFAME (ADTranz later) has closed doors and maybe most of the records and serials are gone/lost. Maybe CP or the National Museum has this records in their archive.
Only thing currently easy to get is a list of the actual state of each 1400's locomotive.
@ter 1401-1410, Built in UK,by EE/Vulcan Foundry plant in Newton-le-Willows, in 1967.
1411-1467, built in Portugal by Sorefame at Amadora plant, between 1967 and 1969.
avatar Joao Balseiro:
Between 1967 and 1969

Here is the question - which numbers was build in 1967/1968/1969 😕
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