UP C45AC/CTE 7877flagTie Siding WY Tie Siding

Threatening storm at Tie Siding

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©  Sep 23, 2016






Exposure: 1/250
Aperture: f/20
Focal length: 52 mm
ISO: 400
Time: 19:56

Threatening storm at Tie Siding

Dramatic scene! Wonderful!
Great job! I'll bet that was a fun trip. Was it very busy?
I always have a fun trip in the States. This one involved starting and ending in Salt Lake City and travelling through Wyoming to Cheyenne, down to Denver and then back through Colorado to SLC.. Will be in the northern States in May
Excellent! Good luck!
Congrats on your Picture of the Week, Dave! Good start...
Awesome sky at Tie Siding, Wyoming! Glad you were rewarded by Wyoming's weather with such a memorable image! I encountered a thunder and lightning storm on Sherman Hill area going to Laramie one spring evening-delightful event. Trains and weather - amazing!
Thank you to everyone who has liked this and made it picture of the week.
Astonishing! 😀
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