NS 186 236flagDorst Dorst

1150 Eindhoven - Den Haag Centraal @ Baarschotsestraat.

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©  May 3, 2018






Exposure: 1/800
Focal length: 35 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 15:17

1150 Eindhoven - Den Haag Centraal @ Baarschotsestraat.

Rescue loco or normal consist?
@Maersk.146 normal consist, NS hires 9 locomotives from Macquarie because they don't own enough loco's themselves. They even hire 4 former Lineas locomotives from ATC right now.
@ddz7504 OK, thanks, it looks like a train that could run by itself.
@Maersk.146 Funny story, they tried to use the steering car in combination with TRAXX, but it was too hard and it would cost too many. Also, their construction wasn't strong enough to hold while a High Speed train with 300 km/h passed. The steering cars were made for NS 1700 loco's:

NS now uses the former steering cars as normal cars, with the cabin now being an extra space for the stewards.
@ddz7504 Yes, I see the driver’s windows are blanked out. Thanks for the background info.
@Maersk.146 that's just dirt 😉
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