Trainspo 2012 update
Mikhail Ter

We're happy to introduce our website update!

We corrected some minor errors in order to make our site more user-friendly and we updated our design. But there are also two major updates that we'd like to provide more detailed information about.

New database structure

We launched a new database structure providing a more detailed description of the railway vehicles and equipment. We have added two new objects: model and series.

Let's take the MaK G1206 locomotive for example. The page for this model contains the entire technical data, the list of the companies the locomotive serves for as well as its photos at these companies. You can also find all the stories published for this model at its webpage. From the model page you can go to the class page and see the locomotive service data summary for the company including the photos, map and railway numbers. Here, you can find a link to the model page.

If several models belong to one series you'll see the link to the entire series, for example: at the model page of the 2TE10U locomotive, you can find the link to the 2TE10 series page containing its brief description and a list of models of this series.

Our database editors ensure data reliability: it is very important work and, if you wish, you can contact us at in order to join our team. If you find any errors or inaccuracies, please click the report link to provide correct and accurate data.

New maps

We changed the geographical objects mapping. For example: when viewing the Chiasso Station location, you can see the basic terrain map or switch to the transport or railway map.

We'd like to bring your attention to a very important need, which is that you need to fill in the location field when uploading your photos. Please be very accurate when mentioning the mapping place, giving priority to the railway objects. If you can't find any, please add them to our geographic location database.

And, last but not the least, a personal photo map for every project participant would be nice.

Thank you for staying with us!

Jayasankar Madhavadas

The new page looks really refreshing and more structured.... Nice work ...Keep it coming ....
Dheeraj Rao

New layout and design looks awesome to say the least. Keep up the good work. 😄
Spotting Limburg

Great update!

Looks great ! 🙂
Andre Schachtschabel

Thanks for the update, i like the 2 additions!

I like the new maps, good work guys!
Joao Balseiro

Nice work! The image looks fine. Congratulations to the Trainspo team from Portugal.