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DJ 1221 + DI 1102 working special Dunedin to Middlemarch

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©  Oct 21, 2018





Canon EOS 5DS

Exposure: 1/640
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 67 mm
ISO: 320
Time: 10:57

DJ 1221 + DI 1102 working special Dunedin to Middlemarch

storyThe DJ class built by Mitsubishi in Japan entered service in 1968-69 and several are operated by Dunedin Railways. Visiting restored English Electric locos DI 1102 and DG 772 assist 1221 on a special train to Middlemarch, the end of rails for the Otago Central Line. The remainder of the line to Clyde closed in 1990 and has since become a renown rail trail.
Nice! Interesting rock formations, too.
Thanks. There's better locations than this along this spectacular line with viaducts and tunnels hewn from rock. Sadly, Dunedin Railways has closed and 51 jobs lost. There is hope that one day it will re-open for tourist trains if there's enough fundraising. Cruise ship tourists were the main patrons.
I'm intrigued by your "screen" name Maersk.146. I want to thank you for all your faves on my photos and letting them on here if you are one of the ones voting for them!
@John.Russell.4NZSteam - You’re welcome, and also thanks. I’m just one of many who are in the voting pool. See my collection for a picture of the Maersk unit, under ATSF GP60M 146.
I'm just curious. How many are in the voting pool? Do they all have an Editor title? As you probably know I'm quite active on RailPictures.net (where there is some debate over many years about the photo screening.) How could trainspo be promoted in North America and down-under? There are maybe hundreds of past RP contributors who don't want to put in the work to get a flickr following.
I believe there are as many as thirty to forty members who are eligible to vote but, in practice, it may be only ten to fifteen who do so regularly. That's why it sometimes takes many days for photos to be approved (or not). There are only six or seven editors on Trainspo, and they are just a part of the voting pool of members who have each received a number of Top-Liked awards.
Thanks Keith. Yes I've notice the progress of votes on my photos sometimes. Generally it happens overnight due to the time zone here.
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