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DI 1102 and DG 772 head a Steam Inc special to Arthurs Pass

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©  Oct 17, 2018





Canon EOS 5DS

Exposure: 1/500
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 58 mm
ISO: 500
Time: 13:49

DI 1102 and DG 772 head a Steam Inc special to Arthurs Pass

story1102 was built by English Electric in Queensland in 1966 and bought by DTG in 1989. Restoration begun around 2009 and the recent certification for mainline running being celebrated by the special operated by Steam Incorporated. The train seen here is crossing Bealey River near Arthurs Pass, where the train will head back to Christchurch with DG 772 leading.
Very nice scene!
There appears to be a map issue.
@John.Russell.4NZSteam John, it looks like this bridge is about 3.6 miles SSE of Arthur's Pass town, is that correct?
I believe this is the exact place: https://goo.gl/maps/JDqsUXwh5gBBxApj6
I can add this object to database, but i need a shorter name for the bridge 😉
Yes you are right on the location Mikhail. And 3.6 miles SSE is about right, I get about 6.5Km from Arthurs Pass station.
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