HUPAC 193 491flagOleggio Piedmont Oleggio

with a line knowledge maintenance run

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with a line knowledge maintenance run

This locomotive is HUPAC Propriety not SBB Cargo.
@fagnoni.francesco Property doesn't matter, it's about the leaser/operator. This locomotive is hired to SBB Cargo.
@ddz7504 what? Where you see this...


In June 2017, Swiss intermodal transport company Hupac ordered eight Vectron MS locomotives from Siemens. The designated 193 490-497 are multi system locomotives, equipped by delivery for the Rhine - Alpine Corridor (DACHINL)
Yes, Hupac is the OWNER of the locomotives. But Hupac is not an operator. It's a lease company (like MRCE and Railpool). And here on Trainspo we use the operator to class the locomotives. Four of the locomotives are hired to BLS Cargo, the other four are now SBB Cargo.


As you see on this page, this locomotive has been hired to several different operators already, and since march 2021, it's hired to SBB Cargo. See for example this picture;
@ddz7504 This sistem is very WRONG. Hupac is an Operator. It has locomotive D100 (g1000) and E193 that it use in Italy fot trains. In Italy Hupac is an Operator with a security certification realise by ANSF.
This locomotive because Politension are use with various operator, in Italy are use by Captrain, GTS, SBB Cargo. This story is the copy fot the locomotive E186, Re475, Re486, E193 that are BLS Cargo or SBB Cargo but it use by Captrain, SBB Cargo or GTS
For esemple the italian E652 are MIR Propretity but are use by RFI in leasing for the diagnostic train.
@ddz7504 Steven, i was wondered too in front of the information that Hupac is a certified Train Operator Company (TOC). But i double checked some documents that gives proof of what mr.Fagnoni is saying. Indeed Hupac has owned locomotives, a big fleet of freight cars, and is a certified ECM-Company. It has a few Train drivers too that usually operates in the Shunting yards Busto Arsizio, Gallarate and Novara, but they have the possibility to operates on the whole italian network, like this personnel test run.
@fagnoni.francesco I don't fully understand your message because of not very good English, but I think I know what you mean. Either way, the operator used on Trainspo for a locomotive is the operator that hires the locomotive. In the case of 193 491, the company the locomotive is hired to is SBB Cargo. Hupac itself may be an operator in Italy but this locomotive is used only by SBB Cargo now (and before this it gas been hired to GTS too, and maybe used by Captrain in some cases).

Italy is always a special situation, locomotives from BLS Cargo or Mercitalia can sometimes drive for Captrain Italia or the other way around. This is why the only way to class them correctly and clearly, is to see to which company a loco is directly hired to, and not just the company that provides the train license or driver.
@Taurus717 if this locomotive is really in use for Hupac as an operator, it wouldn't come to Germany or the Netherlands. It has been confirmed to me in march that it really is hired to SBB Cargo.
@ddz7504 Sorry for my English.
Probably Hupac is an operator only in Italy and SBB Cargo use this loco for service international but when it's available for international service and it's in Italy, it uses by Hupac for your trains
@ddz7504 It depends from the kind of contracts between SBB Cargo and Hupac. I can confirm that the train operator that run this locomotive transfer was indeed Hupac. nor with SBB Personnel, neither with SBB track fees. So it's 100% an Hupac train. Mainly HUPAC is sharing its locomotive fleet to the operator for one or more Hupac trains. So it could happen to see the Same loco used with SBB personnel in Germany or the Netherlands, but if needed, the owner can change the unit when for example the 193.491 is in need of maintenance or for other purposes.
@Taurus717 Also fine. @ter have you followed this?
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