MÁV 470 006flagHerend Herend

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Exposure: 1/400
Aperture: f/6.3
Focal length: 39 mm
ISO: 100
Time: 11:01

No description

GySEV 1047 was renamed too?
Yes, it is also 470 series.
Ok, waiting for the new uploads to create new profile 🙂
Why is this "re-classification" made? It would be best to create an unified UIC class system, for example to put all the "Taurus" in class 1016/1116/1216, all the 060-DA into class 0600 and so on.
Our last object in the database is "class", so, if the operator changes their class name, we need to change it too. In the future we should create "model" page, for this model it would be ES 64 U2 with additional data and hired classes.
This is good news. When I asked about the re-classification I was referring at the Railway Authorothy, not at the site's database. The site offeres a good classification of simillar locomotives or locomotives of the same "family", for example in the page of class 470 are links to "More from this series: MÁV 1047, ÖBB 1016, GySEV 1047, ÖBB 1116, RCH 1116, GySEV 1116, MWB 1116, MWB 182, DB 182, Railion 182, WLB 182, PKP IC 183, ALEX 183, TXL 183, SŽ 541, Linea E190, InRail E190, BoxXpress ES 64 U2, Raildox ES 64 U2, LGS ES 64 U2, Hupac ES 64 U2, Floyd ES 64 U2, MRCE ES 64 U2, KV ES 64 U2, WLB ES 64 U2, TXL ES 64 U2"
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