EBS 143 822flagDresden Hauptbahnhof Saxony Dresden Hauptbahnhof

The first as "White Lady" known colour scheme for 143.822

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©  Dec 9, 2018





Canon EOS 7D

Exposure: 4/1
Aperture: f/9.9
Focal length: 31 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 17:24

The first as "White Lady" known colour scheme for 143.822

Wow 😍 Can you please tell more about this livery?
This livery is the first dress this machine got back in 1982. At the Leipziger Frühjahrsmesse on March 1st 1982 LEW locomotive works presented the prototype "212.001" officially at the public. Since that day a lot of railfans called this machine "White Lady". This was the official LEW-Livery. The series-built machines became the DR Standard Bordeauxred livery with the classical white stripe. 212.001 alias 143.001 remained in property of LEW with this livery and was rented to DR until 1987 where it was painted in a neutral white/grey livery and rented to other companies such as AEG, BASF, EKO (Livery Change) and at Least Arcelor Mittal where 143.001 got a full-orange livery. But the "white livery" remained so popular that EBS (Erfurter Bahn Service) a few weeks ago decided to repaint a unit that never got this Livery: 143.822 a.k.a. 243.822, originally painted in the DR and then DB colour scheme.
The Machines of the 143-Series are a large family: 646 built machines, two evolution series (BR114/112.0 and BR112), and an entire generation image of local trains in Germany. Today around 376 locomotives has been scrapped, a lot sold to private companies such as RBH, MEG and companies that restored the old liveries of the 143: DeltaRail (5 locomotives in DR-Scheme) and as you can see EBS. The german railfan community is very happy to have a White lady again.
Sadly too much inexperienced and respectless Photographers came that evening to make their own picture, so it was very difficult to make a good picture without all this people messing around.

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