EMDX SD70ACe-T4 1502flagIngalls KS Ingalls

EMDX 1502, SD70ACe-T4, Tier 4, demo BNSF moved from Streator

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©  Nov 24, 2015






Exposure: 1/500
Aperture: f/16
Focal length: 102 mm
ISO: 400
Time: 13:54

EMDX 1502, SD70ACe-T4, Tier 4, demo BNSF moved from Streator

storyRare appearance of Tier 4 demonstrators moving from EMD's manufacturing plant in Indiana, USA, to Avondale, Colorado, USA, for testing at the Transportation Technology Center east of Pueblo, Colorado. Sharp demo paint scheme!
Six powered axles?
Awesome livery !!!
Nice work! Showing a new generation locomotive of EMD. Mang thanks!
Sorry to bother, but is the maximum quality of the picture 1920x1080? I've been wondering if there were bigger ones.
Looking forward to hearing from dear COZephyr55 and many thanks!
Yes, larger JPEG images are automatically reduced to the 1920x1080 by this site. Glad you liked Progress Rail/EMD's latest Tier 4 unit. I made a special trip to Kansas to intercept the EMD demonstration unit on its was to the Transportation Technology Center near Pueblo, Colorado, USA.
Appreciate for your opportune reply, your are really lucky to live in a country full of latest technology of train manufacturing.
I'm also glad to get to know that there ARE clearer and better shown ones, as I'd really like to give my little brother, who is a big rail fan as well, a nice shoted diesel locomotive picture, carefully chose and decorated by myself, as a special-day present, and for that use only.
Although I'm well aware of that we are talking far more about the photo, and that it's not quite appropriate to talk about private things on such website, I shall still try my best to get my brother a better gift.
I just feel better to tell you about this, for I DO believe that the Lord will bless a child like my little brother and that kindness DOES exist. My E-mail address is as follows: Desheng2018@Outlook.com.
If there are any chances for you to share the original pictures of the locomotive EMDX SD70ACe-T4 (perhaps in bundles or sets, I'm not that sure about whether HE likes the EMD's or the ET44ACs, I might prefer the former one, people are people!), or even your experience of your must-be-pleasant trip to Pueblo, I would be overwhelmingly appreciate!!! Mang many thanks!!!
Sincerely yours.
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